Cycle After Cycle, Still Drowning

Broke man, poor pockets, still giving till the end,

Jacket there, last twenty here,

Living life to the fullest,

Blasting music, riding wild down country roads,

Drinking till five in the morn,

Mourning deep loss, unspoken pain,

Drown’n in a bottle,

Floating around, alcoholic circles,

Regular at the bar,

Passing out as many cigs as I borrow,

Seeing the same faces on the morrow,

Waking up, passed out on couch,

Peeling self off, another dip from the pouch,

Starting day off right, another alcoholic drink,

Stemming last nights head ache,

Aching for the pain to release,

Half forgotten in drunken stupper,

Returning night after night,

Cycle after cycle,

Bi-polar depression running the train,

While the Mania spends too much time tying myself down,

Find all this trying,

False friends, false everything,

Relationships falling into pieces,

Worse, I dropped my Reese Pieces,

What a day to wake up,

Head pounding, Motrin and water can’t even touch it.

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