Tremble in horror as the waves quake below, Sliding across liquid gold, Tremble in horror as the hollow rings and echos, Sliding across steam filled hold, Tremble in horror as tentacle creature surfaces, Sliding across dark murky mold, Tremble in horror as creature emerges, Sliding across waters, strongly embolden.

The Devil and Her Gin

One of my favorite sins Sitting on the porch Sipping whiskey and gin Chatting with the devil Catching a grin One of my favorite sins Sitting on the porch Sipping Jack n gin While chatting with the devil Catching a wicked grin.


Sad heart stirs on open flame Cooking down sad daily pain Flares of sparks rise up in hope Extinguished by sad tears

Rabbit Trail

Sitting at my desk, Wishing for a bigger chair, Odd strange thought flitter, Down the husk, of old rabbit trails.


Morning sun rises over my block, Bee’s rise up, Covering Dawn’s sky, Early on before morning bird opens eye, Why, oh why, Please come with me, On this journey down mirrors journey, As the Morning sun rises, over we, The lost and yearning, Sing to Morning’s sweet grace, Journey on, Music carrying us with glee,…


Dragging demons from, Deep within your jagged cave, Invisible, cures, that jade you, Wondering demons creep from deep within, Light shining bright, Dulled by dark skies, Every waking hour, Sleep deprived soul, You, beautiful soul, Oh, what ever shall you do, Run, jagged rock cut deep, Bleeding soul, heart cut deep, Far beyond the hills,…


Staged to look like a murder, We run towards the sun, The worlds gaze turns westwards, Joining us our escape run. Bang…….. bang………… Bang…. Silence falls onto autumn clearing, leaves falling from where they hang, Lone buck falling. Survival met for another night, Still on the run, Mending myself from a fight, Drinking a fifth…

Sadness weeps

Sadness sat in her corner, Lonely, dreaming of memories, Her Granny passed today, In the heart of merry May, Fantasizing about hazy days, Filled with bakery, Heart filled laughs, Never to be heard in now empty kitchens. Now Saddness weeps,


(This is a work of art about Death) The silence beckons, The grave strives, Death works his magic touch, Barge of life awaits, Tickets sold to Death Gate, Down the river wading in bone and gore, Awaiting Deaths encore. (This is a work of art about Death)

Am I?

Am I the only one that hears the screams, Am I the only one that sees the light streak by, Am I the only one that knows what it is like to be trapped, Am I the only one that feels the whispers on the neck?