Naval Musings

Let me regal you with a tail about Marines, paint thinner, khat, and the first AIDS Clinic of Djibouti City, Africa. This will be short, but funny enough to stay around for. I, RP2(SW) was assigned the task of getting volunteers together from Camp Lemonier to go into city and renovate a space to be…

A Brief Lesson in Confidence

Confidence that you back up your words with what you bring to the table is what you need to lead. Anyone looking for inspiration and a lesson on crowd inspiration should watch the 1999 Woodstock Festival when Rap legend DMX took the stage and led the crowd on a 40 minute adventure. He held the…

Operation Struggle

It’s been a struggle Life turns upside down on a whim And rights itself in intervals Today was a good day, tonight makes me want to run away News media flashing images of war Sparking memories untold Praying for safety for everyone friend and for Land, oil, money, power All more addictive than opiods It’s…


(This blog is non-monetized, I am not the creator of this meme) I do hope literature stays alive and is not replaced by video and or audio mediums.


I started on the journey writing for myself in January and I’ve hit a 100 followers, all wonderful people with creative blogs. Thank you so much for your follows. I appreciate each of you and love reading your blogs.


It is with great honor that I not only served in the United Sates Navy; but, I also followed in the footsteps of my Great Uncles and Grandfather. They each served in a different branch of the military during wartime. It is with honor that I and my cousins also served during wartime. “Stand up…


Never thought I’d see this in Texas. Green leaves covered by 12″ icicles. I’m amazed. This year is a repeat of 2020, empty markets, hard times, deaths, & Government snafus’. According to the local media some Texans are being charged $17,000 for electricity because the Government increased the price per MW from $50 to into…


Today I woke up and had a warm cup of coffee. What a great way to start a day.


Your awesome, your great, your fantastic. It is the end of the first month after 2020 and I just want to take this moment to celebrate. It was a hard month and we made it through.


This is a celebratory blog about reaching my goal of posting 100 blogs over the entire life of my blog this month. I’ve seen a huge boom of growth this month and I appreciate everyone who has stopped to view any part of my blog. I’ve even found a few blogs to follow closely. I…