Little Guy Napping

I had a hard morning outside doing yardwork and my little friend came up and curled with me while I read and fell asleep. He is too cute not to share. My best friend Marvin.

First Walk-About in a Couple Months

Due to a lot of allergies and still climatizing to the heat I haven’t walked as much as I would like. However, I was met with a few new surprises along one of my favorite routes. Here are some photos from my walk this morning. Enjoy 🙂

Marvin My Little Man

Marvin My Little man, Your the toaster that would You never believe you can’t Your a mightly little man, My handsome chewawa dude


Iris staring out of cold hollow Hoots echo, freezing prey Frenzied flapping causing skitters Amongst the fallen autumn leaves Silhouetted wings glide through New birthed moonlit sky Proudly showing her majesty In glory of the moons powerful trinity Sleek, not a feather out of place She pounces on prey Praying majestically in thanks To the…


Star light settles, Twinkling above, fireflies of the heavens, Gracious, magnificent beauty, Gauging human kind’s ability. Dull clouds move across the sky, Blocking galactic light, Lightening flashes across blue black sky, Filling the night with echo’s of fright, Twisting and turning the winds come burning, Through the raging tempest that’s squalling, Rain bursting through air,…


Red feather flapping ahead, Prideful crown arched in blood red glory, Tweeting from his deep red belly, Protecting his territory and mate’s bed, Beautiful cardinal, fly high, my Grandma’s favorite bird.


Swift and wise is the old Barn Owl Sought after for wisdom and encouragement Her blessings are treasured And stored in the heavens As she seeks the ultimate wisdom From the oldest owl Her talons sharpened by hundreds of kills Her beak a deadly dagger Her powerful wings crash with might And a powerful hoot…


Dark dusk fades to black night Owls stalk mighty mice Swords buckle, noses twitch with fright Talons strike… slice… dice… Black night fades to dawns early light Mighty mice sigh in the morning’s peace


I’ve said all along in my blogs I love nature and walk abouts. Above are a few of the great photos I was able to take during my five mile hike today.