Woman In The Lake

Standing at crossroads, Journey through your dark eyes, Delving deep into your soul, Lost in love, Paying every toll. Willing to give my all, Y’all can’t judge me, My love isn’t for you, Nor for you, It’s meant for one, Her soul ensnaring mine, She’s so fine, Like an expensive wine, Indescribable beauty radiates like…


Twisting upon the nether, Reveling in the pleasure, Surrendering to the passion, And seduced into an eternity of ecstasy, Surrounded by the rising screams, In the vast vally of the mind, As electrodes produce mass hysteria, Along nerve lines.


Pushed close, breast to breast, Breath heaving to and frowe, So heavy and yet so, so, light, Across from each other, eyes dwell like deep wells, Drinking in each others soul, Through heavy breath and sweat filled touch, Passion dwelling bellow, In labored breath yearning, straining against moral restraint, To entwine with lover, in passion…

Lover Doves

You lay me down in the pickup bed, Hold me tight, kiss my lips, Stroke my head, Running your finger tips, Through my short cropped hair, Arms wrapped around each other tight, Sharing the same air, Our spirits take flight, Entwined in love, We kiss and stare into each others eyes, Seeing our naked souls…


Lips entwined, locked around cherry flavored chap stick, and strawberry Champaign Celebrating each other’s love, Their tongues embrace Arms holding tight, Warming soul and enticing mind, What better way to end the evening Than in lover’s embrace


O’ sweet cherry pie your the love of my eye O’ sweet cherry pie your the one and only desire of mine.


Laying here in a day dream haze, Enjoying my lover’s gaze, Holding his hand tight, Against my chest with all my might.


My partner is at her most beautiful, Early in the morning, When her hair is tussled, And her make-up sits on the bathroom counter, Her face clean, With a gorgeous smile, Enticing me to kiss her, I bask in her unpainted beauty, Giving thanks to whatever god deemed us to be.


Her hair grey like an overcast day, Enchanting me with her sly smile, As we hide away in the hay, Like young lovers on the sly. We huddle in a pile, Carressing each other, Hushing our whispers, As we enjoy our secret smiles.


Tender fingers caressing the sensual points of our bodies, Yearning heat building in our tender most spots, Longing to fulfill the deep needs that attract us to each other, Fulfilling that deep seated desire to be wanted and to want.