The First Kiss of True Love

Waketh upon early morn,

Finding my hearth fully adorned,

Mistle toe and mirth,

Spread about with cheer,

Last nights mirth laying under silken sheet,

Light color hair,

Rosey red cheek,

Deep green eyes,

Dimpled cute and chubby cheeks,

Laying beneath my sheets,

Next to me,

Adorning me with her morning beauty,

Skin soft as yougurt,

Hair adorned with nature’s beauty,

Fragrant upon the breeze,

Refraining me,

In stillness I gaze,

The woman,

The beauty,

Seductive and proud,

Laying under my silken sheets,

Adorned by cloth,

Showing off curve after curve,

Seductive and teasing,

With the curving of a finger,

Drawing me inward,

Towards her lips of desire,

Touching, our hearts alight,

The doors of love unlock,

And the doves burst out of sight.

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