Rolling out again, Boots hitting dusty ground, Take that rifle and hit the sand, Ground and pound, Lift this, lift that, Run about a lot, Hot, sticky sweat, Never washes off, Stuck in deserted waste, Don’t worry about moving with haste, Sun beating down, Sweat on tanned brow, Numb brain, Dehydrating sun, Missions to plan,…

Bargain Bin Love and Dimes

Learned my lesson baby, You and I, together again, Here stuck to one another, Living out the bargain bin, Our life, one time, our bed, Laying out our love, White doves and bells, Dancing at all the balls.

Chevy Dreams

Lamborginie dreams, Settling for Chevies, Sunshine lighting pathways, Nightlight parting sheets, Here you are, you and I, Driving high on the highway, Road trip snacks, chips and pop, Listening to all your favorite pop tracks, Making tracks on the highway of life, Caring for one another in the midst of strife.


Sitting here another hazy day, Blowing that hay smoke, Practicing the peace pipe, All it does is make me wipe, Getting down, bumping to a sick beat, As I walk the street, Looking for a fix or treat, Like trick or treat, Don’t know what I’m going to get, Yet, I know what I want,…

Lawyer Fees

Cold as ice I light the flame, Hit the buzz, crazy, Another wasted hour, Floating on water, Cracking another budwiser, Feeling on fire, Cooling my day, Laying in hay, Lover on side, Oh my, we’ll let that slide, Haze clouds wasting away, There must be another way, Busted, cuffs and bars, Years of bar memories,…

Play Ain’t Free

Uninspired, Yoda filling my mind, Wise words falling away, Wisdom flowing my way, Alone, Obi-wan sword play, Sparing my life on the line, Wounded in my spine, Hanging on cowards twine, Word play ain’t free, Why the voices cant let me be, That joint jailing me.


At the top looking down where I came, Standing on the mountain of truth, Big spending, renting out my life for addiction, Game rolling in, money rolling out, Mad you can’t complete me, Can’t compete, Where we came from will never be again, Riches flowing, Cruising through our following, Angels surrounding us, Halo inspired we…

Your Word Against You

Buried, lost behind a wall of dirt and slime, Encroached, on Gods own time, What, is where we are going, Why, is when we were, How, is just because, Devil, trapped on his own dime, Evidence, twisted words and blurred, Help, not on your word.


Wall of shame, alone, My soul in chains, alone, Locked in closet, alone, Trapped in chests, alone, Shame entrapped me, alone, Feeling hopeless, alone, Lost in darkness, alone, Forest encroaches on me, alone, Caves hold my heart, alone,

Imperfection of Sinful Bells

Bells ring and you make them take me down, Perfect imperfection dripping down, Water fall of golden rain, Washed of my sin, In basin of indiscretion and callous cold, Love me because your bold, Sins and all, Dressed for our wedding ball.