This poem is a work of fiction that may be triggering to some, please read and or share with care. Thank you. I woke up in a dream one day, Floating beneath a vaulted cieling, Floor below covered in hay, Launching myself across the room, I glided for hours, Realization dawning on me that I’m…


This has to be one of my best sketches yet. I felt inspired while sketching him. He is a gorgeous animal. A SHORT POEM INSPIRED BY THIS DRAWING Free in the plains, That are home to grass & wind, Prancing & dancing, He whinnies into the wind


Open up my heart, Vulnerable, easily knocked down like dominos, Clip, clack, falling on the table, Open book, passive to your strategic movements, Enamored by your beauty, Opening up my heart, Eyes, examining me head to toe, Feeling vulnerable as your love washes over me, Defensive and sarcastic, Deflecting your compliments, Inside feeling special, but…

Our Water World

Water, wet, wild, drenching substance Life giving, life making, Substance of dreams Surfing through our veins Fluid, engulfing our planet Slip & sliding, Through our journey in life.


Iris staring out of cold hollow Hoots echo, freezing prey Frenzied flapping causing skitters Amongst the fallen autumn leaves Silhouetted wings glide through New birthed moonlit sky Proudly showing her majesty In glory of the moons powerful trinity Sleek, not a feather out of place She pounces on prey Praying majestically in thanks To the…


Lips entwined, locked around cherry flavored chap stick, and strawberry Champaign Celebrating each other’s love, Their tongues embrace Arms holding tight, Warming soul and enticing mind, What better way to end the evening Than in lover’s embrace


Melancholy hits harder than Mike Tyson on steroids taking pills disipates the useless musings that pit me against the world


Live silence, lifelike sounds, Hundreds of bubbles bubbling in leaps and bounds, Wonderous redeeming force, Rippling waves of dramatic sonic disruption, Drowning thoughts and words Flowing out the tongue, where Silence never lays, In restless slumber.


Far away on open sea, Praying with all my hope, Wising I was already there, Lonely staring at haze gray bulkheads, We chug knot by knot, Towards homeland shores, Far away land,


Dogged down hatches, Alarms blaring overhead, Speakers blaring, Men & woman shouting, Ship heaving against wave, Rolling in heavy seas, First blast hits topside, Sending seaman and officer to, the Davy Jones Locker, Bullets flying in air, Sweat and grease mixed with blood and sea, Glaring through smoke filled air, “4 O’clock, 80 degree turn”…