I heard an interesting topic last night. Did Christianity cause the fall of Rome, or was it social chaos that we see in Capitalist countries today? More so, was it the movement of youth coming to Christ that caused Rome to collapse? Youth are the future, and their will be done.

20 Years Gone, for what?

Opposition faced in masks Hiding neighbors face Antagonizing brother, Sister felled for hypocrasy towards a Heretic view of religion, Hot weather fading hiding cloth Face mask a must, not an option, Rights driven into trodden sand.


I am unsure how to credit the photo & story. They both inspire in me a spirit of strength and a desire to share the emotions they bring out in this poem below. Weathered hearts look solemnly upon this child, Expression held back, deep, deep, sorrow, The sparrow neither sings, nor chirps, Little chickadee looks…

Normandy – D-Day Remembrance

Low tide hits soiled shore, Forever washed in blood of yesterday’s war, Never tide, nor storm, May wash away the tear stained sand, Which many marine, soldier, air & seaman, rest their heavy head.

BLACK HISTORY MONTH: The Inventor of the Traffic Light 1923

Have you ever sat at a traffic light and thought to yourself, who had the bright idea to invent the traffic light. Garrett Morgan, Inventor (1877-1963) (Biography.com: 1) This great and innovated man only had an elementary education and a little tutoring before he found himself in a job he loved which would dictate his…


Today, after 3 years of living in this area I stumbled on a little piece of history near my home. After reading the sign at the site I was inspired to read a little more on the history of the site and to share it with you all. After the US entry into WWI in…