I am unsure how to credit the photo & story. They both inspire in me a spirit of strength and a desire to share the emotions they bring out in this poem below.

Weathered hearts look solemnly upon this child,

Expression held back, deep, deep, sorrow,

The sparrow neither sings, nor chirps,

Little chickadee looks down in silence,

Upon tattered cloth, and grief bit lip,

Solemn child,

Stand tall in solidarity with your people,

Be proud and stand tall in honor,

For as the bell tolls your brother stares down at you in honor,

For his martyrdom has made you a hero,

In the eyes of all people,

Your a symbol of pride,

Strength and courage,

For you honor him and your people.

This image is of 1945 During World War II.
A Japanese boy stood in front of a cremation pyre and waited for his turn to cremate his dead little brother.
Joe O’Donnell, The American photographer who clicked this picture said, that the child was biting his lips so hard to prevent crying that blood was dripping down the corner of his mouth.
When The guard asked, ′′Give me the load you carry on your back′′, the Child replied, IT IS NOT A CARGO, HE’S MY BROTHER′′.
In Japan even today, this image is used as a symbol of strength. So painful yet so inspiring.

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