Metaphors and Artists

Creatures are we, floating on clouds, Lined up white lines, sailing us onward, Slithering through the down turned earth, Working our way through our futures, Writing about our loves and hurts, Yearning, striving, and starving while towing the line, Designing passion through twisted metaphores, Moving one step closer to the bank.

Bubbles (Inspired by Bubbly by EJF)

Bouncing & dancing, Jamming away into the air, Paws and jaws waving, Popping bubbling bubbles. Little ones playing, Running in muddy fields, Blowing bubbles away, In darkening skies, As the wind goes by darting, This way and dashing down, Deepening ally way, Freely bounding amongst the heavens, Gaping as the stars abound, Higher and higher,…


Taking me down the path of sin, Belial calls my name on liar tongue, Sweet, soft, liac profession of incarnate love, Taking form in soft flesh Seduction flowing over and over Whipped into submission Told lies of love Learning to hate the soul within Gone the innocence of soft human dreams Lies forming demonic presence…

20 Years Gone, for what?

Opposition faced in masks Hiding neighbors face Antagonizing brother, Sister felled for hypocrasy towards a Heretic view of religion, Hot weather fading hiding cloth Face mask a must, not an option, Rights driven into trodden sand.

Purple, Her Regal Majesty

Purple is the new world order of colors, Royal, Regal, and beautiful, Deep, rich, full of the beauty of a million violets.


Twisting upon the nether, Reveling in the pleasure, Surrendering to the passion, And seduced into an eternity of ecstasy, Surrounded by the rising screams, In the vast vally of the mind, As electrodes produce mass hysteria, Along nerve lines.

Classroom Dreamer

Dwindling return pushes out mixed emotions, Galactic pressure equalized to unbreathable limits, Supersized expectations lead to long drawn out minutes, Hypnotic melodies drawing out thoughtful gasps, Inexperienced hands learning the art of loves finer kisses, Unexpected reality flashes, Bam, wide awake, pondering the dream while teacher drones.


Life springs forth from bubbling brook, Leaping to life like words from a book, Leading us past fork after fork, Leaping like a fish after a baited hook.


The lights turn on, Dank dark cell, releasing earthly smells, Assulting nostrils, clinging and seeping in deep, Tackling oppression, listening closely for agression, Bruises, yet no memory, Trapped in a prision, mind and body, Jagged insults float through stone passages, Loud painful roars of agony shriek up the tomb like stone, Crackling in ear, roaring…


Sun drops fill our cup, Give us this day your bread, Shine on us your life giving light, Making sweat drop from our forehead, Our flour and tinder, All come from your tender love, Giving us dropplettes of light, To shine through our darkest hours.