Shame shame run away

Run, run, run away, Love to fight another day, Shame, shame love today, Fight again, and again, Fight to love another day, Run, run, run away, Get onto the love train, Ride her to the sunset, Letting life’s light fade away, Naturally at its end, Lovers hand in hand, Loving day to day, With all…


Moral digression into madness Nothing stands in place as it distresses, The madness within, Pounding to win, Madness driving whirlwind, As violence descends, Take out the matches, Burn down the fortress, Demonstrate the anger, Live the danger, Break off the edge, Break off the edge, Mass destruction threatens, and frightens, Life as we know it,…

Your Love

Spread out over bed, Her arms covered, White satin lined by, Strips of silver, Faux fox fur, Black raven hair, Locked in style, Framing ocean blue, Eyes of crystal, Flowing through caverns, Into her intelligent, Radiant thought patterns, Radiating through her, Sexy delicate touch, Caressing your shoulders, Whispering into ear, Luring you to slumber, Her…

Have you noticed?

A lot of things and types you don’t want to meet end in the sound -erd. You would rather not see a wizard, nor be in a blizzard, while eating gizzard with a buzzard watching overhead.

Only Words

No wisdom, have I to share, For I, am a master, of none. My hand, have not applied, A thousand coats of, shiny paint, onto blank canvas. Hands of mine, have not molded, clay into viable, material life like, statue. Eyes within, cannot hold true, the hue which, paints with beauty, the light. For I,…

Ruin Falls

Ruin falls, Down shadow stairs, She creeps in the dark, Torch in hand, Fear in heart, Dreaded dark, Fear, creeping fear, Vigilance, silence, Everything is still, Whispers, breathing, quiet, At the doorway, Behind it is, Ruin falls, Roaring with its mighty voice, Breaking down the door, The noise rushing forward, Banging heads to metal music,…


Love, so complicated are you, Decisions, easy are you to make, Hard, are what decisions are to, Live, what love demands of, You, the one I love. Together, we couple in lovers, Making, beautiful decisions, Scrapping, together while times are hard, Often, fighting to live, Us, is why I choose to fight for you.


With uplifted heart I sieze, The breath of our first words, In them I build, Our tower of love.

The Person that I Know

Neon lighted skies, Time draws down, Lightening on the air, Chugging down life’s highway, There she is, A Lovers Dove flying free, Her hair an ocean wave, Her voice a sonic boom, Her strength and patience, Slowly eroding stone, Her power and radiance, Leaving jaws ajar, Truth radiates from her beautiful hue, Colors of every…

Into Midnight

Dress slashing the breeze, Music in the air, As we freeze, Dress flashing midair, Dancing, our breath frozen, Midair, in midst of our passion, Endearing love in the midst, Dancing onwards into midnight passion.