Pushed close, breast to breast, Breath heaving to and frowe, So heavy and yet so, so, light, Across from each other, eyes dwell like deep wells, Drinking in each others soul, Through heavy breath and sweat filled touch, Passion dwelling bellow, In labored breath yearning, straining against moral restraint, To entwine with lover, in passion…


Stone weight pressing down, Ribs flex backwards, yearning for release, Choking with strangled coughs, Mass sliding over my body, convulsing Fangs biting down, Blood splattering on waiting floor below, Feeling blow after blow, Hit my brittle, hollow frame, Eureka, I hit wood framed in soil, Pounding fist, cracking wood, Soil falling down through cracked plank,…


Glittering in the realm of impossiblity, Fluttering past dew embedded flowers, Beds of petals wisp in the Breeze, Easily floating on uplifted wings, Spreading fairy dust all about, Shouting out loud in glee, Happily flying here and there, Everywhere an absolute beauty.

Making Color Yours

Walls covered from top to bottom, In your colorful zen-like art, Country filled scenes explode like bombs, Into heart filled drawings. Your talent inspires, Taking parts from everywhere, Mixing to make your unique spires, Your vision quite clear. Zen entagled eye mazes, Leaving viewer with heart ache, As they lay amazed, As you take color…

Lover Doves

You lay me down in the pickup bed, Hold me tight, kiss my lips, Stroke my head, Running your finger tips, Through my short cropped hair, Arms wrapped around each other tight, Sharing the same air, Our spirits take flight, Entwined in love, We kiss and stare into each others eyes, Seeing our naked souls…


Duo face intersecting my life, One way in closets, Another way outdoors, Can’t live in either lifestyle, Nothing makes sense, Behind closed doors I see myself in one light, Outdoors in another, Unable to bring them together, No sense in my upbringing, Religion screams in one year, and 1950’s training in another, Can’t move past…

Pushing Mountains

Post heartbreak, tired and broken, Finding everything taken, Empty, lost, abused, excused, Everyone around you unamused. Pushing mountains easier than moving on, Content dulled, ill amusement, Casting net, catching it on, Jagged rocks, jutting like my life under cement. Time moved past, Love lost, Time spent, Seems like such a waste.


Depression sits on the chest, As sinking swamp sucks in the wreckless, Justice served on interloping thoughts, Saddening, deepening, trembling free reality, Paradox in between knotted rows, Knitted into being by Destiny, Twisting us down undefined paths, Twisting our future and darkening our past, Depression sits on the chest.

Abbot Running

Zap, robotic tuning intact, Code manifest running, Processing trillions of facts, Per second, loops entwining, Tap, tap, tap, Little hammers ringing on gold plate, Closing trap door over electric wiring, A bit of duct tape, Power button energizing, A robot running.


You cried and filled my heart, Love exploding, supernova bright, My sons, Each handsome and lively, Unique and filled with personality, I love thier expressions, Each filled with different passions, You’re both a star lighting my heart.