Emotions attacked me, Two handed, single coin, Flip to dare, Each life a different stage, Each a hazardous lane, Choices chase me, Day dreaming, day and night, Sleep avoiding me, In my mental fight.

Crease of Time

Subdued, trapped in the beam, Light particles caressing me, Ceasing to exist in the crease of time, As the worm hole absorbs me, Dark hole, warping space time, Blanket of stars comfort me, A journey of the gods, Departed Eons ago, Floating till Eternities end, On the great expanse, The vast nervous system of the…

A True Life Experience

Mid-80’s Summer, hot sun beamed day, Cool mountain breeze, on Putney Mountains peak, Soft whisper of branches waving to me, Little boy of no more than five, The forest calling to me, Enchanting voice filling me with promises, The red apple of delight, The sweet nectar for me to suckle, As it drew me into…

The Whale

In Northeastern woods I walk, The trails lay miles behind me, Each step a journey towards my manhood, Each step a victory toward my warrior status, Each journey a vision matching my sailor heritage, Sailors blood pumping through my veins, On seas of courage, Swimming with Krakens, Yelling in the face of the vicious misstress,…

June Day

Sweeping June rain, Two lovers dancing under darkened clouds, Thunder declaring their love, For miles over rolling plains, Heart crossed lovers, Soul mates for ever, Dancing in the rain, Lightening casting shadows, On this happy June day.


Got a book of papers today, Sat down and rolled in the hay, J.O.B. working through the haze, Waiting for the next check, Down by the corner, shady, Walking, handing off over the counter, A couple C notes, Living crook to crook, Got a book of papers today, Sat down and rolled in the hay,…

Battle Cry

Trumpets flare as blood lands, In the angry face of Adversity, Justice stabs as victims bleed, Laying on the field of, Empty vices, wasting away, Hollow, void of responsibility, Stand and fight, Bellow and stomp your feet, Raise your guard high, And shout your battle cry.

True Friends

Bumping base, fishing up bass, Drinking beer, chilling with friends, Skinny dipping late at night, All my drinking buddies, Passing out late at night, Nursing hangovers early morning, All alone in my thoughts again, Till next weekend we meet, Drinking buddies, bodies deep, True friends far between.


Electrify me, destroy me, take me down to the pit, Long stroke, back stroke, swimming down the pool, In the pit, among the swinging bodies, rocking back n’ forth, Pump that body, pump that fist, pump that, rock it, twist, Rocket to the moon, party in the sky, star light, star bright, Raining down eternal…

Netherland Twist

Floating kaleidoscope of color, Twisting nether, do the Netherland twist Sing along, sing along, sing along, While we do the Netherland twist, Spinning, spinning, spinning, Twisting, twisting, twisting, Singing along to the Netherland twist, Never Never Never land twist Circle about, twist about, do the Netherland twist, All night long, Dancing all night long, On…