Life and Its Doorways

Standing still in doorways, I fear to enter, So many I have entered before, Self hatred tearing at my back, Unknown urging agnst, Butterflies surge forth, Escaping and fluttering about, Standing in wonder at the doorway, Looking in, wondering, What’s in store for me, My choice to move paralyzes me, Standing still I cannot move,…

Homebound Battlefear

Hearts won minds turned chemical burned, Hero’s march home, war and dreams, Constant reward, images burned, wounds inflicted, Mind confounded and infected by nightmares, Can’t sleep, media a constant reminder, War a reality nuclear vision blur, Fear gripping heart, reality tilting heart, Hearts and minds, minds and hearts, Winning hearts and minds, lost, lost, Hope…

Emotional Baggage

Off to the side I sit Idly by watching time Pass by my side as I Attempt to persuade Guardian Angels to untie My bounds that hold me Prisoner to this idle body Lazy, full of pride My eyes glazed over with envy For the riches of others As I sun away in jealousy Of…

Judging Rage

Look into my world, Hear my words, Swirl with me on the hurricane winds, Tear out my eyes, Eyes, unclean in the turbulance, Destruction looms over volatile hills, Crumbling mountain tops tilt, Georges swallowing me, Into the abyss I swirl, In the turbulent hell, Its swallows me. Violence and shame, Beating me into the ground,…

F*****g Bi-Polar Rage

I have Bi-polar Disorder and there are times like tonight where I suffer from severe rage. It triggers from little things, the most unimportant, trivial, nuances of life. I work so hard to control it. Tonight, I feel about to lose that control. So here I am writing about it, hoping to gain control back and to be the strong man I am.


Ripping heart from chest, Opening memory chest, Running, heart beats hard in chest, Out of breath, done my best.

Lattice… Surprise… Delays!

Were twins in life, Seeing our eyes twisted inside, Learning from paranormal vision, Tide turning, departed from normal means, Slowing down, drop… check back, Turning cheek, slap, sip on that mix, Seeing ghosts, walking down linoleum sided displays, Slowing down, drop… acid mix stereo system explodes, Put it back, drip that drop and follow the…


Sad heart stirs on open flame Cooking down sad daily pain Flares of sparks rise up in hope Extinguished by sad tears

Morning Coffee: #5

I miss my Grandmother dearly. We were never close; but, never too far apart to know we loved each other very much. Her phone calls were short, always to the point. She had strong values and a stronger love for family. She anchored many ships in our family and now I see them adrift as…

Morning Coffee: #4

Sipping coffee, listening to ‘Deep Cuts: A Perfect Circle – EP’ ~ Orestes (Demo) ~. What a perfect start to the morning. The pain still sits deep in my chest about my Grandmother’s passing; but, the sun shines around the darkest clouds. Bits of memories, cardinal birds, snowmen, winter holidays, and many table side dinners….