Tremble in horror as the waves quake below, Sliding across liquid gold, Tremble in horror as the hollow rings and echos, Sliding across steam filled hold, Tremble in horror as tentacle creature surfaces, Sliding across dark murky mold, Tremble in horror as creature emerges, Sliding across waters, strongly embolden.

The Devil and Her Gin

One of my favorite sins Sitting on the porch Sipping whiskey and gin Chatting with the devil Catching a grin One of my favorite sins Sitting on the porch Sipping Jack n gin While chatting with the devil Catching a wicked grin.


Sad heart stirs on open flame Cooking down sad daily pain Flares of sparks rise up in hope Extinguished by sad tears

Naval Musings

Let me regal you with a tail about Marines, paint thinner, khat, and the first AIDS Clinic of Djibouti City, Africa. This will be short, but funny enough to stay around for. I, RP2(SW) was assigned the task of getting volunteers together from Camp Lemonier to go into city and renovate a space to be…

Rabbit Trail

Sitting at my desk, Wishing for a bigger chair, Odd strange thought flitter, Down the husk, of old rabbit trails.


Morning sun rises over my block, Bee’s rise up, Covering Dawn’s sky, Early on before morning bird opens eye, Why, oh why, Please come with me, On this journey down mirrors journey, As the Morning sun rises, over we, The lost and yearning, Sing to Morning’s sweet grace, Journey on, Music carrying us with glee,…

Morning Coffee: #5

I miss my Grandmother dearly. We were never close; but, never too far apart to know we loved each other very much. Her phone calls were short, always to the point. She had strong values and a stronger love for family. She anchored many ships in our family and now I see them adrift as…

Morning Coffee: #4

Sipping coffee, listening to ‘Deep Cuts: A Perfect Circle – EP’ ~ Orestes (Demo) ~. What a perfect start to the morning. The pain still sits deep in my chest about my Grandmother’s passing; but, the sun shines around the darkest clouds. Bits of memories, cardinal birds, snowmen, winter holidays, and many table side dinners….


Dragging demons from, Deep within your jagged cave, Invisible, cures, that jade you, Wondering demons creep from deep within, Light shining bright, Dulled by dark skies, Every waking hour, Sleep deprived soul, You, beautiful soul, Oh, what ever shall you do, Run, jagged rock cut deep, Bleeding soul, heart cut deep, Far beyond the hills,…

Mosh Pit

Swirling mass open the circle up, Drums blast away the noise, Up creepes the creature, Momentarily lose sanity and dance, The pit calls, The pit calls, The pit calls, yeah, Going down, down, Hit the bottom, party on, Swing them arms, like you don’t care. Moshing wildly now, Like a wandering god, Possessed devil’s music,…