Classroom Dreamer

Dwindling return pushes out mixed emotions, Galactic pressure equalized to unbreathable limits, Supersized expectations lead to long drawn out minutes, Hypnotic melodies drawing out thoughtful gasps, Inexperienced hands learning the art of loves finer kisses, Unexpected reality flashes, Bam, wide awake, pondering the dream while teacher drones.


Life springs forth from bubbling brook, Leaping to life like words from a book, Leading us past fork after fork, Leaping like a fish after a baited hook.


The lights turn on, Dank dark cell, releasing earthly smells, Assulting nostrils, clinging and seeping in deep, Tackling oppression, listening closely for agression, Bruises, yet no memory, Trapped in a prision, mind and body, Jagged insults float through stone passages, Loud painful roars of agony shriek up the tomb like stone, Crackling in ear, roaring…

A Brief Lesson in Confidence

Confidence that you back up your words with what you bring to the table is what you need to lead. Anyone looking for inspiration and a lesson on crowd inspiration should watch the 1999 Woodstock Festival when Rap legend DMX took the stage and led the crowd on a 40 minute adventure. He held the…

Little Guy Napping

I had a hard morning outside doing yardwork and my little friend came up and curled with me while I read and fell asleep. He is too cute not to share. My best friend Marvin.


I started by covering a Monster Energy Drink in paint to see if the design would transfer over to paper for a bit of creative fun. It worked and I saw this scene come to life in my mind’s eye and had to paint it.