Your Love

Spread out over bed,

Her arms covered,

White satin lined by,

Strips of silver,

Faux fox fur,

Black raven hair,

Locked in style,

Framing ocean blue,

Eyes of crystal,

Flowing through caverns,

Into her intelligent,

Radiant thought patterns,

Radiating through her,

Sexy delicate touch,

Caressing your shoulders,

Whispering into ear,

Luring you to slumber,

Her vicious voice traps,

In her seductive snare,

Following her luscious,

Beautiful curvy body,

Falling at her feet,

Entranced, ensnared, enthralling atmosphere,

Breathing in perfumed,

Scent on the air,

Filling her rainbow aura,

Most perfect,

Most loyal,

Most wonderful,

Goddess of Air,

Mother, life giver,

One we love,

One we follow,

One we give all,

To, to be, to see,

All of you,

Mother of one,

Mother of all,

In love we are,

Your love,

Your love,

We desire,

Your love,

All of your love,


Your love.

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