For You, It’s True

I look into your eyes, see diamond eyes, Shining in the dark, lighting the skies, Your heart shines as glittering lights, Fairies fly all about, fluttering for you in the sky, For you, beautiful you, For you, wonderfully perfect you, You are my baby for life, its true, You are my baby for life, its…

Your Love

Spread out over bed, Her arms covered, White satin lined by, Strips of silver, Faux fox fur, Black raven hair, Locked in style, Framing ocean blue, Eyes of crystal, Flowing through caverns, Into her intelligent, Radiant thought patterns, Radiating through her, Sexy delicate touch, Caressing your shoulders, Whispering into ear, Luring you to slumber, Her…


Love, so complicated are you, Decisions, easy are you to make, Hard, are what decisions are to, Live, what love demands of, You, the one I love. Together, we couple in lovers, Making, beautiful decisions, Scrapping, together while times are hard, Often, fighting to live, Us, is why I choose to fight for you.


With uplifted heart I sieze, The breath of our first words, In them I build, Our tower of love.


Our heart stems disconnected, Far away from you baby, Touch my heart, reconnected baby, Kiss me, feel me, touch me, Take me down that strip baby, I want you, dance with me, Dance this night away, Into the starlight shining for you, On that wide disco floor, Laser lit pathways, Shining your love for me,…

Slip Apart

Thinking about you, Sitting in the corner, In the dark, Thinking Thinking about, Thinking about, Thinking about, Thinking about you baby, Baby, Thinking about you, Thinking about you, Come dance this night away, As we think of each other, This lazy May day, May Day, calling in SoS, Save us, save us, save us, Save…

Dancing Into Eternity, Just You & Me

Close your eyes as you take this journey with me, Down rivers of colors, Bends of truths and tales, High and low, We travel down the lonely corridor, Take that color, Drink it deep, Deep within yourself, Dance, take that trip with me, Oh, drift with me, As we dance atop mountain cliffs, Carefree of…

Baby, You and Me

Take a stand, Lay down on the sand, Take my hand, Baby… Take my hand, Night falls, Tell me all your tales, Lost on Niagra Falls, Baby don’t give up, Leaves change as we age, Always turning page after page, Our love no one can guage, Baby you means the world to me.

Be Ye So Bold?

To she, my beloved May, Whose hand I hold, Beloved, be ye so bold? As to give me this May day, Your cherry colored ribbon, Your strawberry flavored lips, Your ripened fruit, To forever color my bed, Lain and fed, Cuddling as we head to bed, Oh my beloved, Be ye so bold?

Oh, Windsor May

Hey, Windsor May, may I take your hand, Windsor, oh Windsor May, Beautiful as the Lady who forever wades over misty loch, Windsor May, do me the honor of pledging your lock to me, Windsor, oh Windsor May, I pledge to die in your stead any day, Windsor May, do me this honor today, Pledge…