Down the hole I fell,

Passing your house on the right,

Seeing you outside,

Sunbathing listening to some tunes,

I stopped outside,

Watching you, my lover,

Thinking about those long nights,

Spent ironing out the kinks,

Amongst our relationship,

All those sleepless nights,

We spent together,

Holding each other,

Loving one another,

Together we fight,

Together we stand,

Together we dance,

Love one another,

Now I see you,

Through and through,

The you in the nude,

The you in the wedding dress,

The you the true you,

The one I will always love,

For you,

Now watching you sun bathe,

I smile, inside happiness bubbles,

For you are mine,

And I am yours,

As we enter the twilights of our lives.

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