On my knees, praying to the denim gods, One more tear, one more riff, One more guitar melody, One more song, one more headbang, Before I meet the morning star, The epiphany to the melodic symphony, Flowing on the flair of every shooting star, The screeching eclectic guitar, Aiming high, Hitting the low notes, The…


Got a book of papers today, Sat down and rolled in the hay, J.O.B. working through the haze, Waiting for the next check, Down by the corner, shady, Walking, handing off over the counter, A couple C notes, Living crook to crook, Got a book of papers today, Sat down and rolled in the hay,…


Electrify me, destroy me, take me down to the pit, Long stroke, back stroke, swimming down the pool, In the pit, among the swinging bodies, rocking back n’ forth, Pump that body, pump that fist, pump that, rock it, twist, Rocket to the moon, party in the sky, star light, star bright, Raining down eternal…

Netherland Twist

Floating kaleidoscope of color, Twisting nether, do the Netherland twist Sing along, sing along, sing along, While we do the Netherland twist, Spinning, spinning, spinning, Twisting, twisting, twisting, Singing along to the Netherland twist, Never Never Never land twist Circle about, twist about, do the Netherland twist, All night long, Dancing all night long, On…

A Soul So Grand

I never met you, Your heart reminds me of mine, I cherish the time you had, Your love, your music, your soul, I never met you, But I hope one day, To shake the hand of a man, Who’s soul was so grand. (A poem about Chester from Linkin Park)


Sound echo’s through the hallways, Radio a blaze with sound wave ectasty, Filling soul and body, Wave after wave of sweet melody, Taking control of the soul, Sweet sound unlocking the heart, Filled with emotional explosions, and carrying rifts, Filling each person, A true gift, Which fills the heart with overwhelming, Passionate, powerful, and pleasurable,…

Morning Coffee: #4

Sipping coffee, listening to ‘Deep Cuts: A Perfect Circle – EP’ ~ Orestes (Demo) ~. What a perfect start to the morning. The pain still sits deep in my chest about my Grandmother’s passing; but, the sun shines around the darkest clouds. Bits of memories, cardinal birds, snowmen, winter holidays, and many table side dinners….

Mosh Pit

Swirling mass open the circle up, Drums blast away the noise, Up creepes the creature, Momentarily lose sanity and dance, The pit calls, The pit calls, The pit calls, yeah, Going down, down, Hit the bottom, party on, Swing them arms, like you don’t care. Moshing wildly now, Like a wandering god, Possessed devil’s music,…


Silence, life sounds, Humdrum in bubbling bounds, Wonderous redeeming force, Waves of dramatic sonic disruption, Drowning thoughts, raining intercourse. Flows off the tongue, Silence lays its head, In sound & restless slumber.


Memories float along the musical highways, That clash and bang in my earways, I love the nostalgia, That leads me down memories lane.