The Chicken Joke Dance

Come on, get down, dance down groovetown lane,

With me, come on, get down, dance, dance, dance baby,

Listen as Jazz washes over us,

Come on down with the blues baby,

Rock a little to some hill billy goat folk,

A little folklore to tell the tale,

How the chicken crosses groovetown lane,

Dancing this dark night of May,

Clucking, a tapping, all night baby,

Listen, close baby,

Hear the tapping,

The seductive music baby,

Calling you and I, calling us baby,

Lay down in the hay,

Mess up your hair baby,

Lets ride into sunup,

This new bright morn of May.

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  1. I love how this poem has music infused in its theme but there is a lot of repetition in it as well just like a catchy song!

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    1. Thank you. At the time I was writing the poem I was listening to post rock guitar music. 🙂

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