Netherland Twist

Floating kaleidoscope of color, Twisting nether, do the Netherland twist Sing along, sing along, sing along, While we do the Netherland twist, Spinning, spinning, spinning, Twisting, twisting, twisting, Singing along to the Netherland twist, Never Never Never land twist Circle about, twist about, do the Netherland twist, All night long, Dancing all night long, On…

Rainbow Puddles

Fyre burning inside, Sprite flittering around, Filling stomach with butterflies, Vomiting rainbows while trippin’ on shrums, Talking to vines, While flowers whisper to me, Taking garden paths till I’m lost in the trees, Fairies surrounding me, Garden Gnomes herding me, Nymphs’ looking on in ecstasy, Trippin’ on garden stones, Everything’s fooling me with their swirling…

Some Freestyle Poetry

Drag that cigerrette, Drag that iron lung, Drag that deposit box, Through distant sands, Drag that cigerrette, Drag that iron lung, Drag that deposit box, Through distant lands, Standing in alley ways, Dragging away, puff by puff, Concerts and parties every night, Concerts and parties every night, Riding midnight bus, Puffing away on mystery snuff,…

Gravity Silent

I watched the lightening fuel your grin, Wide eyed, giant… behind…. Grind… work that stone thin…. Thing… that’s what we win…. Breath in… out… your life is held thin… Gravity drifting below, Our eyes sucked within… Seeing our soul, Burnt and twisted within…. Living for what Living within Trapped in walls Paper thin Life hits…

Looking Over

Looking over, I watch you intently, Scribbling away at your pad, Curiosity crowds my thoughts, As your lips purse, As you pursue your vision, Looking over, I see you, All of you, In all your creative thought, Pouring over pad with pen, Ink pouring from the soul, giving the world your all, Tucked away in…

Man in a Hat

Trapped, boost up that radio mix, Tap that hammer in time, Smith out that ryhme little rapper, Unfold that golden wrap, Pocket that ticket, Take flight to the school of fame, Famous Chocolatier, You stand a tier above the rest, Your fame as fabulous as your headdress, Top hat, skippen tips, For burstin out kitkats,…

Your Word Against You

Buried, lost behind a wall of dirt and slime, Encroached, on Gods own time, What, is where we are going, Why, is when we were, How, is just because, Devil, trapped on his own dime, Evidence, twisted words and blurred, Help, not on your word.

Metaphors and Artists

Creatures are we, floating on clouds, Lined up white lines, sailing us onward, Slithering through the down turned earth, Working our way through our futures, Writing about our loves and hurts, Yearning, striving, and starving while towing the line, Designing passion through twisted metaphores, Moving one step closer to the bank.


Life springs forth from bubbling brook, Leaping to life like words from a book, Leading us past fork after fork, Leaping like a fish after a baited hook.


I also see Superman flying with his cape flowing behind him. Or, a man swimming underwater. My girlfriend thinks its an adult party. What do you think, care to share in the comments?