Do I Believe In God?

I must give Jordan Peterson some credit in the answer I am about to provide. The answer will be a short paraphrase of his with a large twist of my own. I deeply respect that he doesn’t like being asked the question, ‘do you believe in God?’

Belief is difficult 2000 years after an event that affected the world. We can find evidence of storms, rivers, erosion, life, populated cities and rural communities. As of my latest studies, no archeologist has sufficiently provided proof of Jesus’ life and history.

Do I want to believe? Of course. Do I want to believe the correct idea? More so than wanting to believe. Do I feel the belief I have is enough to save my soul? Almost certain. The path is narrow for a reason. The idea that few make it is very humbling. I don’t deserve to be Heaven. Well, I didn’t. Being forgiven is hard because the mind doesn’t forget.

The Church isn’t what saves people. It is what uplifts them though. A building is no house for God when His throne sits atop the Universe. Thinking on Jordan Peterson’s conversation, we can not have coherent government or thought without God. Though this part of his interview revolved around Free Speech, he made points later which linked the answer to the question to this subject.

My heart feels there is a Holy presence larger than myself. Feelings, how real are they? I imagine each person who reads this may take a moment to reflect their feelings on the subject. My hypothesis is there will be three, maybe more categories. Belief, questioning, and disbelief. Scripturally there are four according to the biblical Parables of Jesus. I suppose I fall into the questioning category. I dislike it. Constantly worrying about making the right choice. Would it be safer to “just” believe, of course; but, “just” believing is blasphemy to my heart and mind.

Quickly I am reminded in 1 Cor 8:13 (I understand this is slightly streching the meaning overall. I feel the question supports using this scripture.) What I find blasphemy may not to another person and if my situation was reverse it would be a sin to push upon me that it is not blasphemy to remain in a questioning state.

Yes, I believe; however, I don’t believe in the structure of many organized Christian Churches.

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