Bi-polar, the cruelest of mistresses

With twisted heart I write,

Deep in thought,

Desire to be happy exists,

Where sadness rests,

Anxiety drives the wheel,

While I drift over each curved line with glee,

Boundaries I set drift far from my sight,

As I engage life on dangerous roads,

Alleys that should be left in the dark,

I roam in the dark of midnight,

Mindset of excitement,

Leading to detriment,

Oh bi-polar, why do you tempt me so,

Why do you call my name,

On your sensual lips,

You alone my enemy in the night,

Awake, awake, awake I stay,

Staying up late past the light,

Seeing the dawn,

Only to experience dusk,

Rinsing and repeating for days,

Oh, bi-polar, you wicked temptress,

Your anger rages inside,

The adrenaline calls to me,

That wild ride on the line,

Till once more I fade,

Knocked out for the count,

How do you always win,

With that knock out punch,

I so desperately at times crave,

How you have become an adiction,

Your mania courts my sanity,

While your depression imprisons my happiness.

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