Dream Like State

Slow down, hold onto me, Everything’s a downer, taking downers, Slipping down dreams, Like playing chutes and ladders, Climbing to high places, Sitting high watching the colors float, Boats drifting down, As we row, row, row, Row your boat, Down channels, Changing channels, hearing beat after beat, Attack the ear lobes, Ear drums making beats,…

Are You I?

When you can’t find meaning in life, Where do you land, Mind looking back, past hitting you fast, Faster than fast, Unbridled energy unleashed with each memory, Toxic regret ripping heart apart, Tearing lives, our life, your life apart, Memories, faster than fast, Ripping through life just like that, Where did you run too, Where…


Dragging demons from, Deep within your jagged cave, Invisible, cures, that jade you, Wondering demons creep from deep within, Light shining bright, Dulled by dark skies, Every waking hour, Sleep deprived soul, You, beautiful soul, Oh, what ever shall you do, Run, jagged rock cut deep, Bleeding soul, heart cut deep, Far beyond the hills,…

Morning Coffee: #1 ‘Good Grief’

Today was an extremely hard day. Getting out of bed felt like dragging the moon across the sky. Gravity welded me the mattress while the sheets fed themselves around me as a Boa Constrictor would. Welled up inside my chest was a wall holding back the flood of tears. My grandmother passed yesterday and I…

Am I?

Am I the only one that hears the screams, Am I the only one that sees the light streak by, Am I the only one that knows what it is like to be trapped, Am I the only one that feels the whispers on the neck?

Closed Behind Curtains

Sunlight bites at my feet, Straining to open the curtians, Trapped in my minds bitter prision, All alone in a room full of people, Bitter illusion wastes my medicated mind, Standing on the edge, looking out, Seeing life pass me by, Complicated by invisible emotions, Saturated by hidden wounds, Scarred closed by times inevitable passing.


It amazes me how depression kills my creativity and productivity. I wanted to take a moment and thank anyone who views, likes, or follows what I create. You all encourage me through those dark times. I follow the advice of author Patrick Ruthfuss. He once said in a VLOG (paraphrased), ‘if you write something, write…

Delve Into Swinging Emotions: Exploring My Bipolar Symptoms

Today was a busy timeline of emotional swings. I felt anger, joy, sadness, free, hyper active, slow and dull, while being nervous and shaking from time to time. I’ve come to learn from this cycle that I may be on the upswing to become manic which with as bad as this emotional tornado has been…


Depression sits on the chest, As sinking swamp sucks in the wreckless, Justice served on interloping thoughts, Saddening, deepening, trembling free reality, Paradox in between knotted rows, Knitted into being by Destiny, Twisting us down undefined paths, Twisting our future and darkening our past, Depression sits on the chest.

Depression feelings

I feel bogged down by exhaustion I feel better off alone. I feel I’m lost. I feel indecisive. I feel like a man lost at sea. I feel paranoid . I feel sad. I feel grief. I feel less joy from everything that gives me joy I feel an inability to be a self starter….