Judging Rage

Look into my world,

Hear my words,

Swirl with me on the hurricane winds,

Tear out my eyes,

Eyes, unclean in the turbulance,

Destruction looms over volatile hills,

Crumbling mountain tops tilt,

Georges swallowing me,

Into the abyss I swirl,

In the turbulent hell,

Its swallows me.

Violence and shame,

Beating me into the ground,

Holding me every day,

Ugly sin like hands grasping me,

Tearing apart,

Teasing me,

Unknown emotions gurgle,

Testimonials in deed,

Trials hang me,

Beat me,

Bear me,

Destroy me,

Tear me asunder.

Shame, hate, dismay,

Unknown hatred flayed,

Creator in the mist,

The beating, the shame,

Of sin thrust on me,

How dare he,

She judges me,

On opinions her own,

In his delight or dismay.

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