Am I?

Am I the only one that hears the screams, Am I the only one that sees the light streak by, Am I the only one that knows what it is like to be trapped, Am I the only one that feels the whispers on the neck?

Delve Into Swinging Emotions: Exploring My Bipolar Symptoms

Today was a busy timeline of emotional swings. I felt anger, joy, sadness, free, hyper active, slow and dull, while being nervous and shaking from time to time. I’ve come to learn from this cycle that I may be on the upswing to become manic which with as bad as this emotional tornado has been…

Depression feelings

I feel bogged down by exhaustion I feel better off alone. I feel I’m lost. I feel indecisive. I feel like a man lost at sea. I feel paranoid . I feel sad. I feel grief. I feel less joy from everything that gives me joy I feel an inability to be a self starter….


I have heard a lot of people say that, “I am bi-polar,” or “… depressed,” etc… Instead of defining the disease, they own it as a part of themselves. A better approach would be to say, “I have bi-polar,” etc… The ability to separate the two helps with self-esteem and first impressions. Negativity surrounds mental…

BIPOLAR HELL (A glimpse into uncontrolled symptoms)

(This poem is about how my bi-polar symptoms affected me before my doctors and I found the proper treatment for myself.) Tearing my heart out my chest, I look down into my hand, Beating heart, throbbing in time with my rage, Taking it out on myself, Raging in my thoughts, Destroying self, to be numb,…