No Good Journey

Off to the track, dollar bill, highest sum in the pocket,

Dog running, collar bare, illegally bought at local fare,

Young man, running around, Tanned and built on the tred-mill,

So ill, down with the local trend, driving that fast riding mare,

Around and around, circle by circle, to the winners stand,

First place medal in hand, partying hand over hand,

Fisting liquor and smoke, till the sky is grey and iris red and cloudy,

Projects feeding pockets, while managers collect their weekly fare,

Housing circles, revolving around projects and urban welfare,

No winners only landlords, no victors, only the poor,

Pocket raw and sore, kicking in the rear, belongings out the door,

Old lady waving goodbye, one pair of jeans, two shirts,

No toothbrush, ex giving two shits,

Driving into sundown, dawn a promise of a new day, no one throwing fits,

Drinking those fears down, passed out on someone else’s lawn,

Outlasting the recent bought of homelessness,

Living off skillets and running stream,

Remember boil twice and Loves has great showers,

Hanging out at YMCA, University drive, anything that cost less than a dime.

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