Dissipating Love

Thinking about you year to year,

Eon to eon, Flying through galaxy far away,

Heart breaker blasting off,

Like childhood firecracker memories,

Walking away from me, you and me,

Oh, our love easily continues on,

Over light years and star lanes,

Faster than light, yet never catching the other,

Lost on rainbows and shooting stars,

Staring off in the distance towards each other,

As far away as Mars, Impossible to draw near,

Flowers and chocolates make no differnce,

No amount of apologies will fix these scars,

Sweet memories, living year to year,

Traveling across far away galaxy,

Trying to come near your arms,

Oh my sweet distant love,

Our distant love dissipates over the years,

Into those lonely forever years,

Drawing us continually apart.

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