Sitting on the couch,

Watching the scale slide high,

Bigger than a pine cone,

Taller than a pine tree,

Heavier than pine cream tea,

Mixed in heavy canned cream,

Steamy, wafting high in empty air,

Dreams, hitting in the solarplex,

Indiscriminate, judging me till I blow up,

Caught up in jail house thoughts,

Tree’s falling out my mouth,

Walking on thin ice, I slice and dice,

Sliding down broiling sidewalk,

Help me up, so I can throw you down,

Don’t wait up for me,

Out till three…. a.m….. in the morning,

Swinging this, playing dice,

Rolling in, drinking a fifth,

Fighting with myself,

Throwing this, tearing down that,

Hammer and nails, killing hangover,

Early in the morning,

Coffee, thick like in the Navy,

Hit that choo choo train,

Rolling another zig zag,

Papers making a train in my ashtray,

Hundreds loose and scattered about,

Scattering around my house,

Like when you turn the lights on,

Refrigerator friends,

Help me out,

Turning you out,

Smoking up the leftover fluff.

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