Hell’s Gate

Taken out back,

Stripped upon the roses,

Streched and wiped with thorns,

No escape from the legion,

Pricking skin, each flick a blood bath,

Folding skin, bent knee,

Gazing into the sky,

Muttering under breath,

Patience guide their hand,

Beaten into the mud,

Pain no longer guides the mind,

Numb… Numb… Numbness grows,

Crowned and clowned,

Rags they give for cover,

Lord of the beggars,

Forever hand out,

Heavy burden yet to bear,

Struggling to stand,

Dragging cross through packed sand,

Unable to stand,

Peter’s untimely hand,

Bringing me closer to Death’s stand,

Hanging into the evening,

Bitter wine drank,

Plunged and battered,

Roman soldier’s spear thrusts,

Bitter blood and water burst,

As thousands of Angels stomp and cheer,

Shaking Earth in holy terror,

Gates thrust apart,

King’s return tears Hell apart.

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