It amazes me how depression kills my creativity and productivity. I wanted to take a moment and thank anyone who views, likes, or follows what I create. You all encourage me through those dark times. I follow the advice of author Patrick Ruthfuss.

He once said in a VLOG (paraphrased), ‘if you write something, write for yourself. Most people will write and no one will ever see their creation. If you like what you write then that is a great reward, when you start to have others like what you create that is even better.’

Patrick Ruthfuss, a VLOG somewhere on YouTube 🙂

Patrick Ruthfuss is a huge influence on my writing, I really appreciated his book ‘The Slow Regard of Silent Things’. It is an immensely creative book, written with a childish tone that is oddly satisfying to the adult mind. Reading the story of Auri fills the readers spirit with delight. Having a brief look into her life is like unfolding your first pack of baseball cards (for us older readers) or breaking open the packaging seal around a new favorite video game, I hope I convey that idea well.

Why is this important? Well, that same childish attitude is sometimes all I need to snap out of my deepest funk. Reconnecting to what made me happy as a child; but, being able to appreciate it with an adult mind, seeing past the childish humor to those secretly stashed ideas meant for adults. Those ‘Easter Eggs’ if you will, are a blessing.

This is my personal experience, and I am always looking for new ideas or ways to pull myself out of my funk. Does anyone else who struggles with ‘da funk’ have coping skills? What are they? I would love to try out more. Thank you in advance to anyone who shares.

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  1. ⎻-⎽__⎽–⎻⎺⎺⎻- encouraging vibes -⎽__⎽-⎻⎺⎺⎻-⎽_

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    1. Thank you so much my friend.


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