Face of God (Abrahamic Religions – Christianity)

Bible verses about God’s anatomy.

Source: https://creation.com/does-god-have-body-parts

  • God speaking (e.g. Genesis 1:3).
  • God seeing (Genesis 1:4).
  • God walking (Genesis 3:8).
  • God making clothes for Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:21).
  • God smelling a sweet savour from Noah’s sacrifice (Genesis 8:21).

Bible verses about seeing God.

Source: https://www.biblesprout.com/articles/god/gods-face/

  • (Genesis 32:30) Jacob
  • (John 1:18) “No man hath seen God at any time.”
  • (John 14:7, 9) Jesus is God
  • (Exodus 33) God gives direction about what will happen if He is seen.

Question: Has man seen God and how do we reconcile God’s anatomy?

Reading through the short essays on the sourced websites has helped this author’s thoughts to collect on the question. It’s apparent that God is an author who loves metaphors. God’s anatomy is used as an illustration for humans to put together in their mind an image that they would otherwise be ill equipped to imagine. Understanding were made in God’s image, having verses that speak of God’s anatomy, and reading Jesus’ words in (John 14:7, 9) allow us to formulate that God has an ability to be a physical being; but, His true being transcends imagination. In reference to the previous verse, Jesus’ physical body was a manifestation of God.

Leaving this author to believe in God’s ability to be a theophany which is Koine Greek for theos = god + phainō = shine, or in English to walk amongst humans in human form but still maintaining His diety. This phrase was often used to refer to Old Greek gods and the stories of their walkabouts with mankind. (Gen 3:8) is a prime example of this when Adam and Eve hid in the bushes away from the presence of God after they sinned by eating the fruit from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge.

Speculating that maybe Adam and Eve may have seen a theophany of God; but, not the full glorious revelation of God’s true form whether spiritual or physical that God protected Moses from observing on Mount Saini.

(This piece is mostly opinion with a few minor sources to lend some strength to the discussion.)

(Use of male pronouns in reference to God is because this author believes God is Father.)

(Capitalization of God for this author means that God is the supreme God. He also believes that there are other god/goddesses due to Duet 10:17; but, will submit there are a lot more Bible verses that stray away from his belief.) *See: https://www.openbible.info/topics/other_gods

Sources by mention:


Has Anyone Seen God’s Face?



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