Black Hole Eye

Falling down hole after hole,

Running forward through hallway after hallway,

Journey to nowhere, finding myself passing everywhere,

Catching myself falling forward into a spinning circle,

Eternal circle of unlimited reality,

Reaching infinity, falling through the stars,

Shining bright as circles of gravity grab at the body,

Pulling, Tearing, Pushing, Grabbing, Forcing,

Through the walls of reality, falling through, hitting ground running,

Down, falling down, downward spiral,

Mind spinning, mental images dreaming,

Yelling, grabbing, pulling,

Pushing, yearning, falling,

Into mental instability, grabbing at sanity,

Precarious ledge, walking the tight rope of trying not to fall,

Into the depth, afraid of imagined reality,

Is it real, is it here,

Wary of the world, as it might be all imagined reality,

To afraid to fall, to afraid to fail, to afraid,

To afraid, to afraid, to afraid,

Where to go, where to see, where to look,

Unknown, feeling the pull, rushing through the fall,

There goes the wall, there it is,

Staring, through the darkness,

Lurking behind the black holes eye,

Staring at me.

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