A Sailor’s Fate

(Work in progress)

Dark rises, in the sky stars shine,

In the eyes, lights blaze,

Raising caskets from oceans, mermaids sing loud songs,

Calling forth lost sailors, lost at sea,

Long eons under ocean deep, barnacles grow and conceal,

Ships crash against the water, mermaids swim and dive deeper,

Rolling waves move the world, pushed by our glowing sister,

Moonlight shining deep, shining over lost sailor fast asleep,

In oceans deep, waves washing over their sleeping faces,

Pushing tides, bubbles surrounding everything,

Volcanos pushing forward, ocean growing shallow,

Earth cracking, draining revealing secrets deep,

Sailors walk forth, walking dead come forward,

Captain calls from bridge to aft, calling forth his crew,

Polly doesn’t eat crackers anymore, while Jolly Rodger opens locked box,

Treasure fast away, sealed in holds lost forever,

To oceans deep foundation, sinking forever more,

Into eternity, lost to the deep grave,

Sailor dreams of fate, as he sails oceans deep.

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