The Whale

In Northeastern woods I walk, The trails lay miles behind me, Each step a journey towards my manhood, Each step a victory toward my warrior status, Each journey a vision matching my sailor heritage, Sailors blood pumping through my veins, On seas of courage, Swimming with Krakens, Yelling in the face of the vicious misstress,…

Oh, Windsor May

Hey, Windsor May, may I take your hand, Windsor, oh Windsor May, Beautiful as the Lady who forever wades over misty loch, Windsor May, do me the honor of pledging your lock to me, Windsor, oh Windsor May, I pledge to die in your stead any day, Windsor May, do me this honor today, Pledge…


Bubbly, ink & color pencil, EJF 2021


Water bubbles Roiling, bursting sounds, Fresh steam breezing by, Kettle, steaming away my troubles.

Our Water World

Water, wet, wild, drenching substance Life giving, life making, Substance of dreams Surfing through our veins Fluid, engulfing our planet Slip & sliding, Through our journey in life.


Live silence, lifelike sounds, Hundreds of bubbles bubbling in leaps and bounds, Wonderous redeeming force, Rippling waves of dramatic sonic disruption, Drowning thoughts and words Flowing out the tongue, where Silence never lays, In restless slumber.