My Love, Save Me

Upside down, rebuilding relationships,

Hanging on the closets door,

My cloak of despair awaits,

Beckoning into isolation,

Unknown destination ahead,

Dead, I’m dead inside,

Dead, I’m dead inside,

I’m to blame,

I’m to shame,

What am I to do?

Where am I to go?

Despair, disdain,

Dancing the walk of Cain,

Cursed, Amore,

My love, my truth,

Shine your light ahead,

Take my hand, save my shameful head,

Take me out of this purgatory,

Save me from myself.

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  1. motiv8n says:

    Beautifully written piece! Your words are so powerful, and they really resonate with me. The imagery is so vivid and I can feel the emotions pouring through each line. In light of the content, I was wondering if you had any advice for getting out of that purgatory-like state of mind?

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    1. Letting it all go, releasing the emotion into the world. Even if it’s silently through art, music, crafting, hard work, something that is found to be satisfying. We nor the things we create last forever, it’s the peace I find in the process that pushes me forward. To crest the mountain and transition. When I reflect I see life as a pit stop of eternity. I’m unsure of what the journey ahead after the final curtain falls entails. But, I’m sure it will be an adventure. Even if there is no purpose to life, having created and not given up during the hardest moments is satisfying enough. All our walks are different, I pray that your journey is full of smooth sails and following winds.

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      1. motiv8n says:

        Thank you for your reply. You have an interesting outlook, may your life be filled with joy.

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