Are You I?

When you can’t find meaning in life,

Where do you land,

Mind looking back, past hitting you fast,

Faster than fast,

Unbridled energy unleashed with each memory,

Toxic regret ripping heart apart,

Tearing lives, our life, your life apart,

Memories, faster than fast,

Ripping through life just like that,

Where did you run too,

Where are we my friend,

Whispers echo in this empty space,

Dimensional space between eye sockets,

Lasting between ear canals,

Thoughts canabilizing us,

Each thought ripping apart,

Our memories, close and far apart,

Wicked skies above,

Raining misery and dysfunction around us,

Floating our Ark high above,

Distant lost memories,

Floating on a sea of chaos,

You and me in our fantasy,

Who are you?

If not me?

Who am I?

If not you?

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