Gravity Silent

I watched the lightening fuel your grin,

Wide eyed, giant… behind….

Grind… work that stone thin….

Thing… that’s what we win….

Breath in… out… your life is held thin…

Gravity drifting below,

Our eyes sucked within…

Seeing our soul,

Burnt and twisted within….

Living for what

Living within

Trapped in walls

Paper thin

Life hits you like a rope

Sailing back and forth

Sailors sound out warning calls

In dreary fog

Which surrounds our lives

In paper thin veil of gray

Dark and twisted

Within our souls

Living for what

Living within

Trapped in walls

Paper thin

Echo’s ring from without

Our ears ringing in dread

Pushing against our heads

Trying to silence the sound without

Only to find were screaming within

Tearing at our eyes

Already sucked out

We dive forward

Under covers

Cowering underneat, begging,

Our goddesses for protection

Only to find silent answers,


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    1. Thank you very much, that compliment came at a great time.

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      1. You’re very welcome!


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