Sound echo’s through the hallways, Radio a blaze with sound wave ectasty, Filling soul and body, Wave after wave of sweet melody, Taking control of the soul, Sweet sound unlocking the heart, Filled with emotional explosions, and carrying rifts, Filling each person, A true gift, Which fills the heart with overwhelming, Passionate, powerful, and pleasurable,…

Gravity Silent

I watched the lightening fuel your grin, Wide eyed, giant… behind…. Grind… work that stone thin…. Thing… that’s what we win…. Breath in… out… your life is held thin… Gravity drifting below, Our eyes sucked within… Seeing our soul, Burnt and twisted within…. Living for what Living within Trapped in walls Paper thin Life hits…


Live silence, lifelike sounds, Hundreds of bubbles bubbling in leaps and bounds, Wonderous redeeming force, Rippling waves of dramatic sonic disruption, Drowning thoughts and words Flowing out the tongue, where Silence never lays, In restless slumber.


Silence, life sounds, Humdrum in bubbling bounds, Wonderous redeeming force, Waves of dramatic sonic disruption, Drowning thoughts, raining intercourse. Flows off the tongue, Silence lays its head, In sound & restless slumber.


Memories float along the musical highways, That clash and bang in my earways, I love the nostalgia, That leads me down memories lane.


Echoing amplifier, booming electric signals, To my receptors, Brain fires it’s electrons, Signaling my body to grove to the bodily beat, Like amplified heat, The sonic sound builds tempo and grace, Heating the embers of the electric slide, Dancing through the night, Till we’re drenched in midnight sweat, Melody carrying us like a kite, We…