Dancing Into Eternity, Just You & Me

Close your eyes as you take this journey with me,

Down rivers of colors,

Bends of truths and tales,

High and low,

We travel down the lonely corridor,

Take that color,

Drink it deep,

Deep within yourself,

Dance, take that trip with me,

Oh, drift with me,

As we dance atop mountain cliffs,

Carefree of all the world,

That mounts its hilltops on us,

All that silly stuff,

Life throws at us,

We throw it all away,

In careless, carefree,

Dances on mountain cliffs,

Facing the setting sun,

We dance the dusk away,

Into all eternity,

Hands wrapped together,

You and me,

We dance, we dance, we dance,

We dance the night away,

Into morning dawn,

We watch the beauty,

Behold our faces,

Glowing spectrally,

As we fade away into eternity,

Forgotten on eternities timeline,

Set free of our devices,

We dance, we dance, in the endless expanse,

The desert that is eternity.

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