Our heart stems disconnected, Far away from you baby, Touch my heart, reconnected baby, Kiss me, feel me, touch me, Take me down that strip baby, I want you, dance with me, Dance this night away, Into the starlight shining for you, On that wide disco floor, Laser lit pathways, Shining your love for me,…

Dancing Into Eternity, Just You & Me

Close your eyes as you take this journey with me, Down rivers of colors, Bends of truths and tales, High and low, We travel down the lonely corridor, Take that color, Drink it deep, Deep within yourself, Dance, take that trip with me, Oh, drift with me, As we dance atop mountain cliffs, Carefree of…

Be Ye So Bold?

To she, my beloved May, Whose hand I hold, Beloved, be ye so bold? As to give me this May day, Your cherry colored ribbon, Your strawberry flavored lips, Your ripened fruit, To forever color my bed, Lain and fed, Cuddling as we head to bed, Oh my beloved, Be ye so bold?

Bargain Bin Love and Dimes

Learned my lesson baby, You and I, together again, Here stuck to one another, Living out the bargain bin, Our life, one time, our bed, Laying out our love, White doves and bells, Dancing at all the balls.

Mosh Pit

Swirling mass open the circle up, Drums blast away the noise, Up creepes the creature, Momentarily lose sanity and dance, The pit calls, The pit calls, The pit calls, yeah, Going down, down, Hit the bottom, party on, Swing them arms, like you don’t care. Moshing wildly now, Like a wandering god, Possessed devil’s music,…