A New Man

Take a break with me my friend,

Come with me to far off ledge,

Envision your house afar,

Far away across the horizon,

Built sturdy, steadfast, fortified,

Legendary made to house your kin,

Wine cellars, vineyards, and an orchard,

Tree’s for miles,

Not a neighbor in sight,

Your days spent in isolated delight,

Friends come and go,

Your house always in order,

As house gnomes roam free,

Delighted to help a generous person, such as thee,

Your table full of food and wine,

Time spent always feels like a good time,

It could all be yours,

All it takes is dedication,

Motivation to do the task,

Dedication to stand steadfast to your mistakes,

Motivation to be a new man,

In a world that stands against you.

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