The Whale

In Northeastern woods I walk, The trails lay miles behind me, Each step a journey towards my manhood, Each step a victory toward my warrior status, Each journey a vision matching my sailor heritage, Sailors blood pumping through my veins, On seas of courage, Swimming with Krakens, Yelling in the face of the vicious misstress,…

Battle Cry

Trumpets flare as blood lands, In the angry face of Adversity, Justice stabs as victims bleed, Laying on the field of, Empty vices, wasting away, Hollow, void of responsibility, Stand and fight, Bellow and stomp your feet, Raise your guard high, And shout your battle cry.

Your a Man Now

Look, mind numb your moving slower than slowmotion, yeah, Look, up and move, your body shoving right, left, up, move Look, right, move out son, give life a shove, Look, your upright, take a hold of life by the balls and shove, Look, man, your a man now, Look, go, do you, be you, spring…


This year has been a very productive and successful year. On Jan 1 2021 I made my New Years resolution to write on my blog every month. Often I talk about Patrick Rothfuss and the motivation I received from his wise words, “write for yourself because most things people write are only seen by them….

A New Man

Take a break with me my friend, Come with me to far off ledge, Envision your house afar, Far away across the horizon, Built sturdy, steadfast, fortified, Legendary made to house your kin, Wine cellars, vineyards, and an orchard, Tree’s for miles, Not a neighbor in sight, Your days spent in isolated delight, Friends come…