Woman In The Lake

Standing at crossroads,

Journey through your dark eyes,

Delving deep into your soul,

Lost in love,

Paying every toll.

Willing to give my all,

Y’all can’t judge me,

My love isn’t for you,

Nor for you,

It’s meant for one,

Her soul ensnaring mine,

She’s so fine,

Like an expensive wine,

Indescribable beauty radiates like sunshine.

Satan has nothing on her,

She radiates light like rainbows in the dark,

Braver than Authurs Black Knight,

Creeping on the edge of Hell,

She is mighter than the pen,

Sharper than a sword,

Murder, murder, her anger a fire in the pit of Hell,

More beautiful than diamonds forged under pressure,

Her tenacity a wonder to observe,

Braver than ten wounded soldiers,

Holding her head high,

As world attacks her,

Feminism lighting fires in her soul,

As she whisks my love away with her womanly ways,

Strong, wise, independant,

Yet dependent, fragile, and soft,

Smelling of daisies and moss,

Having loved her will never be a loss.

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