Admonished To Wait For Love

Streached out ghostly arm

Attached to nothingness

Everything misty white

While trapped in everlasting fog

Reaching out into reality

Fading before my eyes

Her ethereal arms wrapping around me

Yearning to entwine with my soul

Reaching out into my entwined heart

My spirit yearning to escape

Desire burning inside

Wanting, needing, burning

Dreaming of being buried beside her

In watery grave

Drowning in spiritual eternity

Love lost on the lonely song of time

My time not yet met

Pulled back instantly

Death shaking his finger at me

Jealousy flares

Striking out

Bones crunching beneath fist

Death doubled over

Jumping off his row boat into rapid water

Drowning to be with her

Yanked back again, again, again, again

Until exhaustion washes over me

Breath escaping empty lung

Death waves his finger in my face

Admonished to wait my time

Till we meet my fair misty lady

Till our time comes

Till our hands entwine

Till our lips meet on that misty shore

Await my love fair lady

Don’t blow away on that lonely shore.

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