A joyous bubbling sound pushed through the corridors, echoing off the bells ringing bright song into the universe washing away the dull throbbing thud of that first explosion. The Great One, The Almighties Thunder, it’s crumbling sound raging as if one stood at the foot at the bottom of a mighty volcanic explosion sending gravel and molten stone tumbling to the earth in gigantic crashes which wake the pantheons of the realm from deep slumber. Their movement wrecks havoc with gravity, pooling together the gases and matter into large pockets where they swirl as if draining in a tub, towards the ultimate end. The conclusion of eternity, where time meets past, present, and future at one spec, where the universe ends. Our journey pushes us past this, into the land of the gods, where eternity is your constant present moment, each step forward bringing you to a new universe, where we observe the birth and demise of each. We hold hands with our Guardian Angel, they settle us down at their feet where we listen to their golden words, preparing us for the final meeting, the judgement of our being. Palpitations ring loudly from both our chests, suffering heart attack at the dread of the punishment ahead. We plead, are we dreaming, oh please forgive us!

The gates open suddenly behind us, a bright silver holy light lingers out and softly caresses us where a sudden calm envelopes our soul and we each in turn listen to an inward voice coming from our heart. We walk slowly through the gates, they shut behind us, and there before us in all its splendor sits on a gem encrusted throne a being of pure energy. Shielding our eyes, we fall to our knees. “Arise” a soft voice calls out in our original dialect, “be still, you are safe,” the voice faded as the being rose stamping its long solid titanium staff ringed by meteors, topped by a glowing comet. The thudding sound vibrated the cavernous room. Lighted beings fluttered down from the ceiling, peeling themselves from the painting above. Flying around us they tend to our needs, massaging our tired feet, perfecting our looks to our tastes, clothing us in unique garments which flattered our physical being.

Stomping his staff onto the floor, the lighted beings fluttered off, hurriedly taking one last second to primp our appearance. With what could only be a smile of happiness on such a great being he scooped us into a loving embrace, set each of us on a shoulder and walked through the ever changing chamber. The being had a mental connection with the room, at will it would change to whatever fit all of our needs. “Eat my children, partake from my table, and let me enjoy your company. It isn’t often I receive visitors.” Our senses became overwhelmed as we salivated over the delicacies that lay before us from every universe. It seemed, no matter how much we ate we were never full or left hungry. Drinking our fill, never bloating. We partied well into many eternities. No matter how long we talked or dwindled on a subject the being never lost patience or interest in our words. Loving us each in the unique way we were created for. Closing the journey until another day, another adventure to be had.

To be continued…

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