Adventure: Part 6


The straight and narrow path winds through valleys that have been spoken and written about in abundance. However, this journey veers us away from it. Our Shaman in the lead. His voice a beacon as the path darkens. Our eyes adjust as the red glow of oil lamps line the far sides of this wide path. At once the Shaman breaks into chant, his eyes roll back in his head while he floats upward. We feel our feet lift from the earthly plane, we twist and turn upside down as the earth suddenly flips and we find ourselves now ghosts on a plane of purgatory that runs parallel to the wide path. Settling ourselves from our fright we soon discover our vision has returned to normal, peering through the darkness as if the sun was at high noon. Millions upon billions of souls roam the road, some heading backward, while others walk backward. Most of them mumble amongst themselves, lost in some pursuit that seeks to highjack their soul. The Shaman waves his hand silently, highlighting the desperate pursuit of mankind. He floats us back to the ground and walks with us towards a wide cavern that reeks of putrid sulfur. Peering over the edge, flint and stone crumble as our feet teeter causing us to become off balance, he immediately steadies us by placing a hand on each of our shoulders and begins to speak.

“My daughter, my son, here you see the true self. Inwardly look, introspectively search your souls while asking yourself what purpose is there to life?” After his soft words he began to float off, our feet stuck to the ground, our hearts bursting with fear of abandonment.

“No… Please don’t go!” We shout as we struggle against the invisible binding. You reach out your hand falling to the ground, grasping at air, trying to reach your safety. I as well struggle, attempting to wrench my feet from the ground. Until comfort fell upon us, an invisible force and presence making itself known.

“Shh, my children, be still, be calm, sit and think,” the voice whispered and drifted away again.

Doing as we were asked we sit and face each other, looking deep into one another’s eyes. Traveling the depths of the soul, traversing the stairways to the heart and mind. A stream of questions flows between us. The calm grows powerful between us and we soon find our bindings have weakened. Confident of our goal we continue to press forward through the conversation. Discussing the hard truths and skeletons that collect putrid dust that hide deepest in our closet. The Shaman had known the truths would flow, he had no need to press. He soon reappeared before us, shining bright, different than before. His glow repelling our gaze for it was near impossible to be in the presence of one so holy.

“My children, come with me, away from this horrid place,” he again extended his hands and guided us back to safety. The world turned topsy-turvy, allowing us access to our original realm of existence, where our ghostly forms faded into non ethereal matter. “Be at peace, and rest here for the night.” His hand guided our gaze to a camp that only moments ago was not there. It bustled with activity and the delightful scents of treats and sweet meats urged us to our reward for the day. He smiled as he watched us run and partake of his delights. “I will call on you in the morning,” he said disappearing a moment after. Overjoyed, we pleasantly enjoy the evening and rest in each others company, talking about all we have experienced such far and contemplating what else could be in store for us and how long this adventure would last. Until we drifted off to sleep, to dream of what could be in store.

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