Black Gowned Spector

That dark curtain, What is behind it? Shall we peak? What should we discover? Will it be? What we think it was? For the dark curtain draws back, Revealing it’s secrets dressed in black, Black gowned Spector rises.

Souls In Poverty

Outside the soul lays the world before it, Inside the body the soul hides from the world, Surrounding the soul is life, In life the soul either thrives or dies, Out of agony the soul cries, While in ecstasy the soul also cries, Bound to this world the soul lives, While those souls unbound surround…


A joyous bubbling sound pushed through the corridors, echoing off the bells ringing bright song into the universe washing away the dull throbbing thud of that first explosion. The Great One, The Almighties Thunder, it’s crumbling sound raging as if one stood at the foot at the bottom of a mighty volcanic explosion sending gravel…

Adventure: Part 6

LONG TRAVELED ROAD The straight and narrow path winds through valleys that have been spoken and written about in abundance. However, this journey veers us away from it. Our Shaman in the lead. His voice a beacon as the path darkens. Our eyes adjust as the red glow of oil lamps line the far sides…


Thy hand guided me unto eternity, As dust I was to dust I be, Undying soul washed ashore, On eternal shores of, Grace and mercy, Where my eternal attorney, Stands in wait, To read to me, my final fate unto which spend, Eternity.

Soul’s Ephemeral Imagination

My execution led on by some instigation, Funerals passed, my ghost lingers on, Fueled by ephemeral imagination, Passing by souls in constant state of illumination. Pass through the world of speculation, Dreaming of freedom an imagination, Can’t begin to recall with any regonition, My soul lost due to irrational regulation.