Souls In Poverty

Outside the soul lays the world before it,

Inside the body the soul hides from the world,

Surrounding the soul is life,

In life the soul either thrives or dies,

Out of agony the soul cries,

While in ecstasy the soul also cries,

Bound to this world the soul lives,

While those souls unbound surround the living,

Ghosts and specters these souls abound,

As time collects soul after soul,

Banking souls in its deep universal pockets,

Spectators of life these souls delve into the world,

Billions of souls continuously digging for afterlife treasures,

These souls weighed down by their worldly goods,

Travel in chains yearning to be as free as their rivals,

In poverty and pain those souls who are destitue,

On the floating ball of earth these souls call home,

Shall be the freest of all the souls,

For those souls unburdened by possessions,

Have the freedom all souls wish for.

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