Let’s Play Hearts

There you are over there,

Far away where I can’t see you,

Hear you, feel you,

Be with you anytime we like,

Far away, over there,

You live your life,

Wishing we could be together,

Sharing friendship deep,

Best friends forever,

Separated by fate,

Together we talk for hours,

Having laughs as our text speaks aloud,

In our hearts we know,

Friends for life,

Besties living separate lives,

Always supporting one another,

Prayers shared over distance,

Mentally holding each other in times of trial,

Taking joy in knowing we have each other,

For worse or better,

Friends for life,

Besties living life,

Far away from each other,

Together always in spirit,

Until one day in heaven we get to meet,

Sitting under willow tree,

Playing Hearts with Jesus Christ.

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