Adventure: Part 4


“He ends with a question for another day, another hour, who do you believe the least important person is in your universe, why?” (Excerpt from Part 3 by

Gasps and whispers rose from the circle. Strangers turning to each other and saying, ‘well I don’t know,’ some exclaimed people from past relationships, others pointed to people that were ‘undesirable’ in their view, few pointed to other races or colors of skin, while a very few said ‘no one at all.’ With each exclamation the Shaman nodded. He drank deep of their reactions while gauging their souls. I look over at you, us two, we haven’t given our answer. He locks eyes with us at the same time, an unusual feat; however, he is an unusual being.

As we lock his eyes, a sudden pull is felt at our core, a gentle tug which separates our souls from the physical. Into the astral we float above the others. We stare down at him, his soul and aura shining bright and of a thousand colors unknown. Waves of peaceful energy flow through our soul radiating from his glory bright body. Soft echo’s of his voice bounce through our minds, talking to personality which makes us whole. Sharing private words of wisdom. Before long we drift back to the ground, where our bodies lay splayed out with the now mourning circle surrounding us. The Shaman speaks to them, we can understand him, he tells them we are at peace and the wisdom of our souls unlocked the path to our Nirvana. Suddenly things change for us.

You and I find ourselves in a large auditorium with a multitude of plays on show, multiple performers bounce around, some cartwheeling, others swinging high on tight ropes and chandeliers. Each play represents a choice we made in life, we see different things, hear different words, yet they play out the parts the same for each of us. Our interpretation of the visual display a testimony to our culture, upbringing, education, desire, fantasies’, and taste. The repeat the question asked to us while we were in our living state, “who do you believe the least important person is in your universe, why?”

(To be continued)

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